Our Company has taken all precautions to ensure 100% product safety and effective process control in all processes from raw material to Final products, which is controlled by world leader organizations. In addition, in order to ensure the continuity of quality, it has established and carries out a quality assurance system that continuously improves the product standards with its conscious staff, robust infrastructure and management that pioneers the sector and adopts innovations.

Cevikbas Printing company has always been following national and international product safety laws for ensuring product safety therefore national and international customers' feedbacks are essential to take a further step of the product safety system

Considering the fact that the traceability system is a precondition for product safety, Cevikbas has created a fast and easy accessible traceability system to every customer for every manufactured packaging roller for themselves

Cevikbas Packaging Company has provided the most important element for product safety which is a proper workflow and a hygiene design for all facilities so that the exercises of the company has shown as a model on the packaging market.  

It has been maintained all proper controls for every risk for every stage of production effectively and continuously to eliminating for decontamination/affection of food mating surfaces of the packaging 

It has supported one more time to reach product safety goals that a curing room was adding to the production line so that eliminating delivery without ensuring food safety for every manufactured product in the company.   

We would like to inform you that we have been taking apart in Sedex Portal since 09.10.2018.